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Detailed overview of infrared forehead thermometer products

Date:2020-04-10 17:20:09
Forehead thermometers are essential items in people’s daily lives. Traditional mercury thermometers have the characteristics of long temperature measurement time and inconvenient readings. Moreover, glass mercury thermometers are not only fragile, causing toxic mercury to leak out. Incomplete disinfection during use leads to cross-infection. New types of clinical thermometers, such as electronic thermometers, use a thermistor to measure body temperature, which also has problems such as a long temperature measurement time. Therefore, there is a certain market demand for non-contact thermometers for rapid temperature measurement. Compared with traditional temperature measurement methods, infrared forehead thermometers have the advantages of fast response time, safe use and long service life. It is very suitable for customs, airports, railway stations, shopping malls, theaters, schools and other places to be fast, accurate, and without cross-infection. Measure the body temperature of the human body.

A detailed overview of this product:
1.1 Product name: Medical infrared forehead thermometer (emergency product for epidemic situation)
1.2 Product model: GW20226-01, GW20226-02
Scope of application: family and medical sector.
Intended use: Display the body temperature of the measured object by measuring the heat radiation of the forehead.
2. Product performance, main structural composition or composition;
2.1 Performance indicators:
2.1 Measuring distance: 1cm-3cm
2.2 Measuring range: human body temperature 32.1℃-43℃
2.3 Measurement accuracy: ±0.2°C between (35-42)°C; ±0.3°C outside (35-42)°C
2.4 Display resolution: 0.1℃
2.5 Operating environment: 16℃~32℃ RH≤85% (under non-condensing conditions)
2.6 Power supply: DC1.5V * 2 (2AAA 7#)
2.7 Energy consumption: power-off state <10µW ; power-on measurement state <50mW
2.8 Battery level alert: low battery level alert
2.9 Unit display: Celsius (°C)
2.10 Automatic shutdown: automatic shutdown without any operation for a long time
2.11 Product size:
GW20226-01: 145mm×71mm×45mm
GW20226-02: 152mm×76mm×45mm
2.12 Output weight: 85g±10g
3. Main structure composition: The product is mainly composed of infrared temperature sensor, signal receiving processor, buttons, buzzer, LCD display, battery, shell, etc.
4. Contraindications, precautions, warnings and reminders;
Taboo: Those with damaged skin at the site of use
5. Parts list: (including parts, accessories, replacement cycle of consumables and instructions for replacement methods, etc.)
5.1 Battery
5.2 Medical infrared forehead thermometer
5.3 Warranty card
5.4 Instructions for use

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