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Love donation activity

Date:2018-01-20 15:53:28

       On January 10, 2012, Jingwei Technology Staff Conference and New Year Party was held in Cuigu Building of Silver Lake Resort. This is a grand gathering for Jingwei people to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new and look forward to the future. The meeting is divided into two parts according to the usual practice. The first part is the staff meeting of Jingwei Technology. The participants are all employees of Jingwei Technology. This part is presided over by Vice President Luo Mingxing.
       At the meeting, after the work report of President Li Hailin, outstanding new Jingwei people, outstanding employees and outstanding Jingwei people who contributed to Jingwei Technology in 2011 were commended, and outstanding lecturers, outstanding mentors, best teams, and best journals were awarded. Awards for works, best products, best teams, etc.
The second part of the conference was the Spring Festival Gala with the theme of "Great Transformation, Great Development", in which important suppliers and customers were invited as guests.
       The overall planning of the evening party is in charge of the vice president Luo Mingxing. The entire evening show is novel and full of creativity, showing the vigor and talent of Jingwei people. The thank-you dinner after the party even arranged multiple rounds of lottery draws, which pushed the atmosphere to a climax again and again.

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