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"Training talents and growing with the team"————Excerpt from the company's "corporate culture"

        The company is committed to building a learning organization, providing employees with abundant training and learning opportunities, and helping employees to grow continuously. Our goal is not only to pursue products and technology to maintain the leading position in the industry, but also to pursue the leading position of overall talent quality in the industry.

    ◆ Divided into by the staff development stage:

        New employee training: content-rich induction training and the "1+1" instructor system after entering the department help new employees quickly integrate and be competent for their positions;
        Career development training: Provide classified and hierarchical vocational training according to the professional technical channel and career development plan of employees, so that the depth and breadth of knowledge, business ability, personal quality and leadership of employees can be comprehensively and continuously improved.

    ◆ According to the type of training organization:

        Special training: training for special projects organized by the human resources department according to the company's business development needs and job classification characteristics;
        Departmental training: establish a secondary training system in the department, and the department will carry out department-specific training based on the department’s business and job characteristics
        Other training: management salon, English club, technical seminar

    ◆ According to the training form:

        Provide content-rich classroom case teaching, lively training games and group drills, interesting outdoor development training, internal knowledge accumulation and sharing information platform and learning culture, not only focusing on the construction of internal professional lecturers and internal training, but also for employees Provide external training and learning opportunities so that employees can obtain the best training results.

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