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Since the establishment of the company in 2002, Jingwei Technology has been adhering to the "people-oriented" idea and has established a learning group
  Team, give full play to the advantages of talents, carry forward the spirit of hard work, truth-seeking and pragmatism, and strengthen internal management
  Sheng, actively pioneering and innovating externally, and achieved gratifying results.

  The company’s basic business tenet is to meet customer needs, tightly grasp the market development trend, and adopt technology
  Technological innovation and system innovation stimulate the vitality of the enterprise and meet the needs of enterprise development and the high standards of customers.
  At the same time, the people-oriented management philosophy gives employees more room for development. We are open minded,
  Transparent cooperation mode actively cooperates with manufacturers and suppliers in the industry, and continuously realizes the
  The appreciation of own value and customer value.

  It can only become big by being open to all rivers. Looking forward to the future, the diligent and realistic Jingwei people will adopt a more unrestrained attitude
  Hand in hand with every entrepreneur and partner, unremittingly create new value for customers and create a brilliant career together.

We will, as always, be guided by customer needs, continue to follow the business philosophy of "people-oriented, technology-driven, market-oriented, and management-guaranteed" to gradually realize the corporate development vision of "specialization, socialization, and internationalization" . In line with the service tenet of "not only satisfying customers, but also moving customers", we develop more market-valued products and functional application solutions, and continue to introduce mobile communication products with Jingwei characteristics to achieve "creating value for customers and for employees "Create opportunities, create benefits for the society" corporate purpose, with high-quality products and wholehearted service to return customers.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to the friends who have cared about and supported us on behalf of all employees of the company. The mission given to us by the times!

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